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Carpet Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Let us help you provide a cleaner, safer environment for your customers, employees, or your household. Universal Management and Maintenance provides superior residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Enid, OK, and throughout the surrounding areas. We’re committed to maintaining a clean, healthy environment that will have an impressionable effect on your home or commercial space all throughout the year. Our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly equipment and carpet cleaning techniques will reach deep into carpets, effectively ridding them of dirt, grime, and harmful allergens. The cleaning products we use are safe for the environment and will enhance the health and safety of those who accompany the space.

A Deeper, More Effective Clean

If you’re in need of a premium carpet cleaning service Universal Management and Maintenance offers world-class, professional carpet cleaning services that are custom-tailored to your home or facility. You’ll discover the difference we can make when you partner with our professional cleaning technicians. When we perform our carpet cleaning techniques, we’ll provide a deeper, more effective clean while removing allergens and airborne bacteria and extending the life of your carpets. We only use safe, non-toxic cleaning products, so you can assure there will never be strong odors or residue left behind, with little to no interference to your daily routine or business activities.

Nearly 60 Years of Excellence

Universal Management and Maintenance has been an industry leader providing for our communities’ maintenance and restoration needs. For nearly 60 years, our customers have been able to count on the pride and excellence we deliver through our reliable, efficient carpet cleaning solutions and our focus on world-class customer service. Various industries have benefited from our quality and decades of expertise in implementing cutting-edge cleaning capabilities for safer, healthier, and brighter surroundings. Contact us today to get a free estimate on superior cleaning solutions for your home, facility, or commercial space.

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